this will either be the biggest month ever for LAist

or the second biggest month. thats a nice done-deal going into the last week of the month.

i write you at 2:19am on wednesday morning. im watching the end of the first quarter of the bears saints game. i may watch this game every day for the next week and a half.

i seriously cant believe the bears have such a great shot at winning the superbowl. im scared that theyre playing indy but im glad theyre playing indy cuz indys good and peyton has a good reason to try to win and if the bears win they will have beaten NO who were America’s Team and they would have beaten indy who probably has the best qb in football.

if only we could fuck up the field in miami as much as it was fucked up at soldier field.

we had 19 posts at LAist yesterday and id gladly put them up against the last 19 posts that similar blogs put up there yesterday:

1. God Hates a Fag, the Video – banned by youtube
2. Virgin Territory: Reality game show where the winner loses his cherry to a celebrity or a porn star – Jenna and Paris have been contacted
3. LA Voice is looking for a new editor and other news
4. Person makes a ten minute movie about a finger monkey who wakes up and reads LAist and then has a trippy experience induced somewhat by cheese
5. LAist Guide to State of the Union Drinking Games
6. LA Author Susan Patron wins the Newbery Medal
7. New Music Tuesday: of Montreal, Deerhoof, The Shins, The Pharcyde, White Lion
8. 1001 Reasons LA is Better than Florida: #63 Two-time NASCAR champ pulled out his dipstick and peed on a car in a Daytona Beach parking garage
9. Jeremy Dawson of Shiny Toy Guns’ Top 10 CDs of 2006 – plus two videos of the same song
10. Tonight in Rock in LA – Emily Haines, The Nightwatchman, Midnight Movies, Dar Williams, Tall Firs
11. TV Junkie is one of those special daily treats at LAist
12. Shop Intuition – Get Nicole Richie’s look
13. Ask the MACist – Google Mail love
14. We’re doing cartoons now at LAist
15. My favorite post of the day was a bunch of the contributers and editors listed what they’re listening to right now.
16. Zuma Dogg is asking you to pay him to shut up and other AM news
17. Anti Interviews Jets Overload
18. At 6am every morning we put up a video of someone singing the National Anthem. Yesterday we had Marvin Gaye singing it at the Forum
19. Kobe’s 1 year anniversary of his 81 point game and other LA Sports Action

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