my last night in austin :(

i saw so many great bands last night. ps its 523am and i cant fall asleep without showing you this video.

this is robyn hitchcock doing a soft boys cover of “i wanna destroy you” along with peter buck of r.e.m.

which should be cool enough, but no, he introduced the song by saying “this is a song that im dedicating to Karl Rove”

which is why you hear the thunderous applause at the beginning of the song.

i also saw an all girl japanese high school ska band called Oreskaband who were so great that i got their cd, interviewed them, their manager, and their publicist and insisted that they play LA immediately, to which they said

how about if we play Sunday night at the Knitting Factory? to which i said, that will do.

and Matt, i checked out Daniel Johnston, but couldnt get anywhere close to him because the place was filled for him and he was swamped, but i did get a video of him doing a Wings cover, which will be on LAist in a few hours.

ok 530am, probably time to hit the hay? i hafta check out tomorrow and they were very nice and said i wont have to do that until 1pm. aragato!

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