not everyone is in love with sxsw

but I am! last night’s highlights included meeting a girl named Mocca and then seeing Har Mar Superstar.

it’s 3pm and its time for me to hit the shower and then hit the streets. i missed Lily Allen who apparently didnt know that she was headlining the NME party and said “if i knew this was for NME i wouldnt have shown up, their editor has a tiny penis and smells”.

basart has just flown into town and is checking her out with Dan Grant of PeopleSupport, and we’re going to rage tonight. it should be the best night ever, music wise with Bob Mould, Thomas Dolby, Dengue Fever, The Fratelli’s, Catfish Haven, Sondre Lerche and oh so more, click here to see my picks.

And click here to see my pics.

And click here to see my vids.

I know im the guy who said dont ever apologize for not posting, so i wont, especially since im in the midst of music all day and all night.

i tried so hard to get to bed on time last night and at 4am my computer tapped out because even it was tired of working so all i gotta say is

busblog meetup next year in austin so all you fuckers better come

that goes to you Raymi and you Pitt and yes even you mr Good, and yes thats a call out.

and if Tsar is touring those fuckers better be here too.

the fact that i know a guy who owns a rock club in Austin and WANTS me to help him book a night next SXSW is amazing so i want my favorite artists there.

im thinking Matt Good, Tsar, The Corvids, Rocket, and the Mere Mortals.

if that happened, i could die happy.

even though i could pretty much die happy right now.

i heart you, now get outta here you knuckleheads.

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