danielle always forgets that nothing

in here is true and i always forget that she reads this so baby this is for you.

drank one pbr after another last night at the Drawing Room with a lovely young lady who matched me with hard booze. and it was hitting me pretty square in the eyes so i said lets have some tacos.

and it turned out that i had already taken her to the one taco place i was gonna taker so she said lets go somewhere else so we went to burrito king on the corner of alverado and sunset over in echo park.

i had three grilled fish tacos and she had two fried one grilled and mine were sloppy and messy and delicious and i can still smell them on my fingers which makes me want more of them but its 7am and ive been up all night with technical difficulties trying to throw out the first pitch of this

Neighborhood Project

that im rolling out today on LAist. why? because my eyes are bigger than my stomach and its so big theres no way we can do it but that reminded me of this teenage girl from the lbc who graduated high school early so she could climb mount everest before she went off to stanford.

and i love women, dont get me wrong. but when a girl

climbs mount everest, you pretty much cant say “oh no i cant do _____ because its too hard.” because some little skinny girl from 10 minutes from compton climbed mt fucking everest.

so yeah there are 174 neighborhoods in LA and we’re going to write a post about all of them. i just did the first one and it took all night. hopefully the next one wont be so difficult.

speaking of home run hitting contests, i didnt watch this year because no cubs were in it and im a homer.

i tried to convince danielle that she should get a web cam and become a youtube star but pretty much no one listens to a word i say

except for ms karisa j who bought the truck i told her to get because she used to have it and it just fit her perfectly so she got another one and when i asked her what color it is she said black

which is always the correct answer.

ps a hot babe sent me pix of herself in underwears. thanks.

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