matt played 10 songs tonight here in vegas.

to a crowd of about 30 people, many of whom flew in from Connecticut, Frisco, and various locales in Canada. and for a few who were big fans but had never had the chance to see him play, this was their first gig.

the gig was the living room in the huge house that ive been stayed at with matt here in the suburbs of sin city.

matt told his fans through his site that he was going to be in vegas and he was going to be playing to a few dozen people and i guess people emailed in and he gave invites to the “winners” and they all came here and oh yeah apple was here too.

and these two dudes from currentv

and your boy.

and its really sad that a lot of americans dont know about matt because seriously how many musicians of any stature let alone one who is currently #2 on for a record that doesnt even come out for a month, invites friends fans his favorite computer company and the press to come into his vacation and listen to what hes about to tour with on an acoustic guitar barefoot while wearing shorts?

and not charge you three grand, prince.

i got to meet miss604 who liveblogged the event perfectly and gracefully and far better than i imagined. she took pictures and was later relived from that duty by the totally capable duane storey who had a sweet camera and was uploading them to flickr within minutes of taking the pics.

it really shows you how quickly a live event like this can be spread through the world if you have people working as a team who know what the heck theyre doing and are fans of the subject.

matt ended the show with a cover of daniel johnstons true love will find you in the end and lets add love to the end of the paragraph above. when you have people working together who are loving what theyre doing the end result is not just something good, its something beautiful.

which is what the evening was.

it started with people showing up, taking off their shoes, meeting each other, then matt emerged and went around the circle and met everyone and seemed to remember where everyone lived.

then everyone hung outside and chit chatted by the pool. now these are matt good fans, which means theyre smart, theyre mellow, and theyre sweet as hell. so basically they drank as much water as i drank beer.

eventually the group made it into the living room and matt lounged on the bad ass leather couch and strummed some tunes casually and talked to the people. we were waiting on some people who couldnt get their yet. later when the late guy arrived we found out he was a heart surgeon. so there were many predictable jokes about how the person about to get a transplant better hope that matt’s show doesnt go too far into the night.

in the middle of the show the docs beeper went off and he had to leave. thirty seconds he returned and someone joked, patient died? but the doc had just forgotten his keys or something. whoops.

matt chimed in with, didnt mike moore just make a movie about this?

the new album is called hospital music.

after the show we adjourned to the kitchen, finished off the drinks, matt signed autographs for people who brought stuff and posed in pics with them and then they went home.

everyone was glowing.

one of the guys outside said to me, that was the best show ive ever been to.

i was all, yep, and it was some dudes house.

and then a convertible packed with fans sped off into the desert night.

matt good in vegas playing to fans

photos by duane storey

matt had to rehearse and

do some work shit so i took a cab to the spearmint rhino and got out of heis hair.
yes im drunk yes its 218am yes im in vegas still yes im gonna retire here yes i went to see strippers yestr theyre my favorite people alive yes i have a date with a black girl soon so yes i only got lap dances with balck girls tonight exscept for one korean girl who i couldn tsay no to

i actually couldnt say know to any of them but i tried. i took way too much money out of the atm because i doidnt want to take money out at the strip club., if you wsee that youre taking money out of a strip club atm you really need to be askin gyrself “am i about to get sex?” if not you should just go home. if so you should ask yr self why am i having sex swith a stripper in vegas?

dangerous much?

i love this town. i wish i was still freinds with the people i know here. i wish that everything was always perfect at all times but i guess thats what life is about – dealing with shit thatsw not perfect.

did i tell you im happy? did i tell you that i gave a creaole girl named “mariah” all the money in my wallet becayse she felt as smooth and soft as gurls should feel and she said everything right and i said everything right right back and she said what do you want and i said everything and she said i want you and i said hi and she said wanna come with me to the vip and i said


and she said wait are you being sarcastic and isaid
‘and she said youre so funny and i said please dont take all my money and she said how about i just take all the money you have right now and i said how about you take all my money except for 20 bucks so i can get a cab home and shse said why did you tak e a cab and i said cus i knew id be drinking heavily and she said because o fthat i will let you touch me all over and i said its only for scientific research bcause im gonna maybe hopefully be with a girl who looks like you

and she said noone is as hot as me and she stretched her leg around my head and i said could be anb dshe said could be or is and i said no offense but youre not the first unbelieveably super hot chick whose stuck her leg around my head and she said ok but do i smell the best

and the best is exactly the way my shrit smells and i hear tyou all.

matt good’s new record is now available to listen to

all you have to do is click here, register on to be a member of matt’s site (if youre not already registered) and you will see a link on the site to stream it.

you cant really go to particular songs it plays the whole cd in a loop.

my favorite songs

champions of nothing
black helicopters

he does the most beautiful cover of a dead kennedys song youve ever heard
“moon over marin”

and this little trilogy is scary and sad and awesome:
11. Girl Wedged Under The Front Of A Firebird
12. I Am Not Safer Than A Bank
13. I’m A Window


ps its 9:19pm here in Vegas, its Matt’s bday in a few hours if you wanna give him some love on his blog, facebook, etc.

hi las vegas

hi tony

you know i love you, right?

you do? why do you?

las vegas i love that its midnight and im topless sitting at this table with dinosaur jr. going thru the open door.

ive been here with matt good listening to his new album and talking to him about it. every now and then he’ll pick up his guitar and play me what hes talking about, and i must say, if youre ever going to get familiar with a new record, this is the way to do it.

with you, las vegas

at yr hottest.

awwww, i love you too tony. tell me more.

las vegas i love that its really hard to find a head shop on the strip

no, not about me, about matt. tell me about the record.

well matt recently had a very emotional divorce and was prescribed some meds when he was diagnosed to have bipolar and forgot how many he had taken and accidentally ended up od’ing on them and wound up in the hospital and almost dying

and this is the record that he wrote while in that emotional rollercoaster and, predictably, its damn good.

my favorite song is about helicopters.

because theyre black.

the kids in the blogs talk about matts lyrics but in these songs, theyre cutting and biting and funny and fierce.

its called hospital music and the single “born losers” was released yesterday in canada and its #14 on the charts up there or something, vegas let me tell you how nice your stars looked last night as this military plane flew overhead last night at 3am, ive been up late and up early and i definitely want to retire here

with you, las vegas.

are there any cover songs on the album?

mais oui sin city mais oui

did led zep steal some of their best songs + malingering in top form + moxie will interview me today at 5pm PT

im in vegas, im typing to you outside

its 347am. im with matt good. actually hes asleep because hes a sensitive artist, and im bloggin in my shorts in the back yard next to the pool and hot tub.

we’re in a gated community because matt is getting ready to have a solo tour and a press tour and all this stuff. so he wanted to come down here to vegas to chill out in the desert before the madness starts.

on friday hes gonna stream his album online. and if you listen carefully you might hear yours truly in the stream. actually you wont have to even listen too carefully, all you will have to do is listen and there i will be.

i dont know how much is ok for me to say, so i will wait until i have the ok from mg about the low down. but regardless if youre from canada and love mr good and will be listening on friday then all will be well.

god im delerious. not because we’ve been partyinjg too much or anything. infact i drink and smoke way more than my host, im just exhausted from driving and working and hosting my own bbq on sunday and ahhhhh – i need this backyard of desert zen as much as bro does.

so hopefully i took care of business tonight and i can be a good guest tomorrow. and hopefuly these flying things that have been runninginto my legs arent mosquitoes because in LA we dont have those.

and hopefully i didnt really drive to vegas in 4 hours because if i did then i might be coming here more than i normally do. but im pretty sure i left the house at 2pm and got here at 6pm.

why 2pm and not noon, as i promised matt? oh because i packed up like Everything in my house because im here for almost a week. oh and also because even though my housessitter said she didnt care how dirty i left the place you really shouldnt leave half the stuff out that its my house. i mean, clean my house is disgusting, Lord help the prying eyes who pay attention to that pile in the corner or that buldge in the floorboards.

let me tell you about this one thing before i go to shit its 4am!?!? ok

i was tooling pretty fast on the 210 freeway. not too fast, mom. but pretty fast. you have to because the traffic is gonna hit unless you get out of its way.

and then we hit traffic in the middle of no where and i got really mad.

so i started thinking all these negative thoughts which i Rarely do because i trick myself constantly to think of good things cuz i can spiral down a hole faster than you can say nevermind.

so i thought, shit summers here, lets think about the best kiss that you got all spring.

and people, that was such a great exercise that it made me want to kiss a whole bunch of girls here in vegas so if i hit traffic on the way home i can snap myself out of it again.

for the record my favorite kiss of spring was at sxsw by a girl who i didnt fully appreciate until she was gone and i know you read the busblog still baby so hi and i told you i was a dipshit american loser who you should avoid.

ps if you live in LA, we’re going to have a contest today on LAist to win tickets to see Snoop Dogg at a BET Awards after party. Snoop is going to be backed by his band the Snoopadelics, and opening the show will be Dolemite. the show is tonight, if you live in LA and wanna go, enter!

pps that car above is whats in the garage.

in a secret way, its good we had bush cheney

because now we have identified all the pussy ass bitches.

you know, the ones who think that daddy will defend them. the ones who are afraid of liquids on airplanes, michael moore, and cindy sheehan. the ones who pretend that it would have been worse before the so called war with the guy who said its the environment stupid or the one during the war who was an actual war hero.

thanks to bush cheney we know who all the people are who care more about “their” party than the constitution, who were all big fuckin tough guys when they thought they had bill clinton breaing the law, but are suddenly big sweaty vaginas when it comes to the president the vice president the ag the majority whip the minority whip and even rush limbaugh breaking more laws than nwa ever did.

and lets not even mention the torture the secret prisons and all the failed coverups.

this week bush cheney when told that they were caught (again) raping the country pulled the hair harder and shoved their stumps in just a bit deeper.

instapundit tries to spin it by saying, yeah its brutal ass rape


company man all the way.

the pendulum is going to swing back and the great thing about the internet is its all going to be there for everyone to look back at and gasp.

all those people were so wrong, our kids will say.

and we’ll say yep.

and the kids will say, but when did they finally realize how wrong they were?

and we’ll say, babies, they always knew they were wrong. but they just kept letting it happen and kept saying


and kept standing there and watching as the shit went down that had no business going down.

they were not just part of the problem they were the problem.

are the problem.

well, part of the problem, because there are a gazillion people on the other side who are sitting around doing nothing either.

i dont know anything about rape but maybe sometimes when something so wrong happens in front of you you freeze up for a few minutes or something.

one of the best things about michael moores Sicko is that he brought up the fact that the people of France stand up and protest for the things that they want. they cause problems.

now here in LA our cops shot rubber bullets at us but the nra has been passing out guns door to door here in LA and pretty soon we’re all going to have rubber bullet guns to shoot back at the cops.

just like in france.

except just like how they improved cars and the blues and popular dancing, the blacks and mexicans of LA are pimping out these rubber bullet guns super nice.

theyre making them bigger than the cops’

and cooler.

i just got a housesitter. im going to vegas monday morn.

we were watching this crazy concert by Jeff Tweedy

on sundance called Sunken Treasure live from the Pacific Northwest where he was getting distracted by this exhuberent crowd that was talking and yelling at him and he was trying to be cool about it but then he just had to lay down the law. then he was all fuckit lets just have a sing-a-long.

maybe its being from chicago but i totally understand tweedys point of view and i can understand the crowds point of view. if im alone i just want to listen but if im with someone cool i will talk in the back.

when karisa and i were just sorta getting to know each other we were at the hollywood bowl and carlos santana was putting on a really bad show because every song sounded exactly like the record and it was boring and too clean and had no soul and no magic so we just went up to the worst seats and talked and talked.

but then i was just at the hollywood bowl for pink floyd and i was really glad that no one was talking because it was fuckin dark side man.

rarely do i procrastinate on things for work but for some reason i wasnt writing these reviews from last week. last week i went to 5 concerts in 5 days which is rare for me because i like to give concert tickets to the writers to let them enjoy the rock, but i had to see these shows. plus i wanted to see these shows.

so yesterday i wrote all five reviews in about an hour. procrastination is sweeping the nation. and its easily defeated.

talked to chris today for hours. f the delay when you call overseas. we kept stepping over each others words.

finally i just said, i bet your thong smells totally different nowadays.

she was all, excuse me, i dont wear a thong out here!

she told me that all the little boys shaved off their hair.

i said because its summer now?

she said hi im at the equator, its always summer here.

i said, because they saw a picture of me and they think im a god?

i never know what to tell her about what shes missing by not being in america. valerie bertinelli is fat and trying to lose 30 pounds off jenny craig? that paris hilton is now going to go on larry king for zero dollars instead of a million on nbc? that bush and cheney are now trying to pretend that theyre not part of the executive branch?

i told her about ron paul.

she said thats nice but if hes so smart why is he aligning himself with the most corrupt political party america has ever had?

and thats why shes my baby.

even though i will probably never smell whats going on down there again.