baby i know im not perfect

im just trying.

but yoda said not to try to DO so im doing.

i know youre doing too but only one person can drive the mach five and the stars above picked the prick and we’re stuck with it.

i dont know about you but what im doing right now is exactly what ive wanted to do since i gave up wanting to manage the cubs.

something i still havent fully given up on.

and im sorry i come across like i think that i know that im better at it than anyone but thats exactly how i played baseball too

blame it on being black. we like to talk. we like to pose. we like to dare.

people say they dont like kanye and some didnt like gary payton and some didnt like billy martin but i love all of them because they looked everyone in the eye and said im better than you im better than you im better than you

i loved playing against people like that. i loved playing with people like that. and i love working with people like that but only if its a fun im better than you.

like im better than you at filing this paperwork, im better than you at talking shit to the boss, im better at you than picking up one of the girls from the style channel, im better than you at writing posts on the interwebs of love.

at the daily nexus the finest college paper of all time mr pat whalen was better than me and at the first nexus party that i was ever at he put his tounge in my ear and said im better than you

and two days later i typed up my third or fourth piece for the paper and i walked into the office and he was editor of the paper and i put one copy of the article on his desk and i said im better than you.

and during the first iraq war he wrote a review of the janes addiction tape called ritual de habitual and typed it up and put it on my desk and said im better than you. and the next week i reviewed the first geto boys record and put it on his desk and said im better than matt welch.

maybe boys play meaner than girls but i dont think so. but one thing that boys do better is we make up better and get over shit faster and move on quicker. because theres a new game tomorrow sportsfans. theres a new paper tomorrow we have to get out. theres a new girl around the corner we have to say hey baby to.

when it comes to certain things im the most competitive person of all times. not because i feel nervous about things but becauase i feel confident about things. when you think you can hit the scoreboard with any fucking pitch they whip at you you aim at the scoreboard.

but i aim at the dot in the i of evil.


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