leah doesnt want to have to sell her ass on the corner

but she has to.

her husband is a musician. a real one. he could sell out if he wanted to and write ballads and sell em to aerosmith.

but instead he writes sings and performs real music.

for you.

the american public.

and you too canada.

and australia.



trinidad and tobaggo.

and especially you uganda.

whaddup kampala.

but leah has to turn tricks these days to help support her family.

and we here at the busblog want to help change all that, so we ask, if not plead, that you follow this link, vote for her man’s band Quiet Company to get to play in the Austin City Limits festival or concert or something.

and if you have a blog, perhaps you can either use this photo or nab one from her website and make this very same plea on your own web based journal.

leah has given so much over the years, we think she deserves to retire her clear heels.

vote now, vote often.





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