the problem with america

is this chick will have it made

because we here dont care that shes as dumb as a rock.

all we care is she looks good in a tight dress.

there is a dude version of this chick in america.

the typical frat boy.

who also looks good in a tight dress. who also cant speak when spoken to.

who is also set for life.

we might laugh at miss teenage south carolina, but the last laugh is on our future.

because thanks to natural selection, and hot babes who marry dudes just cuz they look good when everyones drunk, and rich dudes who marry dunces like the above or conniving chicks (not shown), the next generation of children will end up even dumber and lamer and more fucked up somehow than today’s crop of dumbshits.

yes i would make that ho my wife. but i would tie her tubes and adopt.

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