q. if the instapundit is a libertarian that votes GOP conservative

why isn’t he backing Libertarian Ron Paul, the most Conservative member of congress?

a. because the instapundit lies. duh.

let me tell you a few things about the interwebs. its full of lies and lying liars. theres so many that when i started this blog i put “nothing in here is true” on the shingle, in a way, to welcome the fellow bullshit artists, and i was rewarded by many visits from a lot of them, if not all of them.

but the biggest one of them all was the instapundit. the man who said he was a libertarian but never wrote about libertarians in his political blog.

the man who said he was a libertarian but always had an excuse to support the republican president or his republican lackies no matter what they did or what the results were. and no matter how big it made the government, which goes against one of the main platforms of libertarianism.

some might ask, why would the good professor be such a big liar? and some might answer, money, greed, habit.

but i would say fear.

sure its insane from the comfy nothingness of knoxville that anyone would be skurd of anything other than another dull day, but people like the instapundit were perfectly fine until the president ignored the daily briefing and pretty much let osamas people attack america and then let his family fly home no questions axed.

and some people like the professor got skurt oh noes they said we have to have violence on those who did this. and even though everyone knew that saddam didnt do it the professor supported bush cheney as they invoked violence on a country that had nothing to do with what made the prof skrt in the first place. but boy was he happy that foreigners were being kilt.

more he begged. more faster hard stronger. more. more more and more.

people like the instapundit it turned out werent libertarians or conservatives they were warists. they wanted war all the time. the last thing they wanted was to believe that their government were a bunch of imbeciles asswipes and fucktards, blowing and fucking each other in the back of the press room, sucking and licking each other in the precincts, and using our men and women in uniform as pawns who would be asked to do longer tours than ever before so that people like the instapundit could feel ok about their blawgs.

more he typed, more. even though the libertarian way is less. less everything ron paul says except peace. more peace he says. more friends. more freedom, less government.

the reason the instapundit lies is because hes in with the in crowd. as main pajama on the board of pj media he has the ear of whoever is calling the shots in the republican echo machine and they have his pen.

since he is close to the powers that be, he wants them to stay powerful. because he’s doesnt give a shit about the normal man or woman, he couldnt be less interested in what they say, thus he refuses to allow comments on his rapidly diminishing blog.

who cares what mr and mrs america thinks in the comments if you’re going to pretend to distrust the polls that they partake in, and not give any love to the candidates that they say they want running the show.

why listen to the average people who work in cubicles when you know that their votes arent going to count, when you know that you feel safer with the rich white men that you know as opposed to the faceless grassroots of change that you dont know

and why pay attention to the long list of libertarian and common sense stances that you claim to agree with him about when you can discount his entire, revolutionary, campaign by dissing his supporters, “Yes. I disagree with Paul on the war, but I confess that it’s his poll-spamming, nasty-emailing supporters who have really turned me off on his campaign.”

this from a man who works side by side with the webmaster of Little Green Footballs, a website whose supporters would never ever ever vote as a block on a poll or be behind any “nasty” emailing.



this from a man who backed bush for a second term despite the nastiest of all smear campaigns, the swift boaters who seriously got away with pretending that a vietnam vet who enlisted and served two tours of duty and got a purple heart was not the hero that we had always known him to be.

and all to help W get re-elected? nothing is more nasty than that and glenn backed it to the very day he deposited his ballot.

meanwhile whats so nasty about ron pauls supporters, a base that is allegedly behind his opponents in fundraising by millions of dollars, from using the internet to voice their opinions? seems like the chair of as many internet organizations as glenn would welcome Americans who are backing a conservative express their opinions online, but because they choose to support someone who isnt paying off the professor, pauls peeps are the problem

and not his platforms.

what must it be like to lie so much? and so poorly? surely it cant be rewarding. surely your gut must twist. certainly there must be some treasure bigger than the fact that you helped but a dumbshit in the driversseat and enabled him to drive drunk all over the world and crash and start over.

the war is over, glenn. you and yours lost because you and yours went into something impossible to win.

trying to fight a war against terror is like trying to get partisans to stop lying.

cant be done.

ron paul couldnt have been a better candidate for what the instapundit has always said that he wanted – a libertarian with strong conservative roots.

only an idiot or a drunk would pretend that the next president is going to keep our troops in iraq so fuck this bullshit of “oh i disagree with him about the war”. the wars over. the next president’s main task is going to be about what next, and because im not a fucking liar and because i dont do what The Man pays me to do, directly and indirectly, im going to vote for the libertarian running on the GOP ticket because like i always said i dont vote for parties

i vote for people.

and ron paul is also all the things that i always said i liked. he wants to end the income tax. he wants to legalize weed. and he wants to end this war.

therefore id be a fucking liar if i didnt support him and let everyone know.

and if youre scared again, southern man, thats what the bible’s for.

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