anna kournikova wrote me today

usc cheerleaders

but f that ho

– im still mad at her for blowing me off on my birthday and she sorta made up for it by writing me a super hot email today which she told me to look at People dot com where she said that she read my blog post about ashley and her upcoming nuptuals and told the gossip rag “i will never get married“. but she still has boy band germs so she can step.

– the new york mets are gigantic quitters. they had a chance to be cool by rickrolling themselves for their 8th inning (!) song, but now theyre giving up on the 80s hit.

– now heres how you get people to vote for you: Barack Hussein Obama claims he would immediately review any crimes in the Bush white house if elected president. fuck gold, if that happens im investing in popcorn.

– yes there was a school that caught fire in uganda that killed a bunch of children and some adults. no our girl chris was not at said school.

– remember that marilyn monroe sex tape – defamer convinces us tonight that its probably just a big fat hoax. but i still have my fingers crossed!

– wednesday is the LA Times’ biggest blogger’s birthday. why dont you wish the big fella a happy bday?

– did you know you can turn your iTouch into an iPhone and make free (or super cheap) phone calls? the internet never stops giving.

– reason #4578 why im glad i didnt go to berkeley

– not that *i* can afford these cars, but it’s nice to know that there are still some classic muscle cars that cost less than $25k even if theyre in excellent condition

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