the baby gorilla is back!

our favorite howard stern sidekick, big fat drunk artie lange was back on the show this morning and all was well in the world again.

heres the wrap up by the Stern Fan Network:

Artie was came to work clean shaven. Howard said he honestly didn’t think artie would be back. Artie takes full responsibility and apologizes to Howard, Teddie, Sirius, & the fans.

Artie explains that even though he has some money issues with Teddy, he is not stealing from him. He’s an honest good kid. he said please don’t quit your job.

Howard apologizes for pulling the replay and explains he was worried about Artie. He didn’t know if he was suicidal and was concerned that it might either send Artie into a rage or into deep depression. Artie says, thank you and admits he was on the edge.

Artie said for the first time he realized he really is part of a family. He received many calls from every level of the show & Sirius with genuine concern. Robin was surprised it took him this long to see this.

Artie OK’s replaying the audio & the Howard TV footage. The Howard TV website says the footage will be on tonight at midnight and the 4-10-08 show will air on Sirius this weekend.

Howard & Robins said how they don’t believe there will be any more chances. Artie confirmed this. Artie had a series of meetings with Sirius higher ups. Both Howard & Robin said they spoke to the higherups as well and they weren’t happy.

Artie thanks Howard for letting be a part of the show. Howard said his fans are such a bunch of fuckheads. This was directed at all of the complaining about pulling the replay & accusations that it was all a bit.

Artie said he made an appointment with the shrink. Artie is going to find a professional assistant & Teddy can carry on as the road guy. They will continue to work together, it will just be different.

From most anticipated to most anticlimactic first segment. Within the first hour they were already playing clips, talking about the Pope, Robin’s dress, & Riley’s contract, and had a guest in right after the first break. Fans seem disappointed expecting more details of what all happened but back up, did I mention Artie is back on the show? it’s a good day.

If you were disappointed that they didn’t go into it more, a woman called in and gave Howard a hard time for wrapping up the Artie discussion so quickly. it got them back on it.

Gary says he’s mad at Artie for not seeing how good his life is with the show, the gigs, and his family. Fred says Artie really needs to seek some help. Artie says he’s absolutely right and admitted that he’s been running away from therapy his whole life.

Teddy said that for the good of the show he wants to leave. Howard & Artie told him no way. He didn’t do anything wrong and should stay.

artie sounded alert, rested, and had good tales to tell about his trip to Amsterdam. lets hope this changes his life for the better.

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