because i was meant to have the weirdest life ever

when i was a boy i got to meet Jesse Owens, who was a friend of my grandmother.

although i believe in making it tough for a torch to get from one end of frisco to another, i dont believe in not going to olympic events out of protest.

i believe in having jesse owens go to nazi germany to win gold right there in front of hitler and his beliefs about the master race.

i believe in going to mexico city and raising the black power salute while they play the star spangled banner

i believe in beating the russians with kids because yes al michaels i believe in miracles

and miracles dont happen unless you play the game.

do i think that george bush should go to china? no, i think he should go to new orleans where people are still living in fema trailers, i think he should go to watts where gang violence is outta control, i think he should go to pakistan and find evil doer number one.

something tells me that those trips would bring more good to america than sitting in some luxury box halfway around the world.

and then i think he should go to iraq until the end of his term since he seems to have put all his chips on that number.

so go there, war president, decider, uniter, and bring back that victory you keep talking about. there will be enough americans in beijing, as there should be.

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