the blogosphere has lots of different types of people

there are nice people, mean people, sweet people, losers, there are creative people, thieves, lovers, and haters.

its a lot like the ocean. lots of different type of life. not all of it is beautiful. tons of similar types swimming along together and every now and then you’ll see something super ugly with big teeth hiding in the shadows waiting to lurch out and destroy something beautiful and shiny.

just like the ocean, most of the time the most evil animals are also the dumbest. the sharks are usually half blind, rarely courageous, seldom creative. they just swim around eating and shitting and fucking.

our pal keira-anne recently discovered that her loveliness had attracted someone who wanted to take a bite out of her. in fact this cowardly fish took it upon themselves to create a blog simply to talk shit about her.

typical. in fact if you cruise the blogosphere a little, you’ll see your fair share of hater blogs. they all have similar traits and rarely do they add anything to the conversation. they whine, they drone, and in this case it sits out there anonymously and tries to make keira feel bad… for being keira.

im no psychologist but typically when i encounter blog hatin’ and trolls, i usually take it as people who feel horrible about their own lives and desperately want attention. because they have little creativity and zero self-esteem they use their little computers to try to get in the way of someone minding their own business.

its juvenile and sad, pathetic, and unfortunately, unavoidable.

my best advice to people who experience the annoying trolls in their lives is to ignore them. what they want is attention, therefore the worst thing you can do to them is ignore them.

but because keira is such a sweet angel she chose to acknowledge the person sorta to prove that it aint no thing. which it aint.

we’ll see if that technique works. but usually in the blogosphere, ive noticed that when there is zero traffic the attention whores starve and shrivel up.

blogging should be about writing about things youre passionate about and sharing elements of your life that are interesting. keira is a wonderful blogger who takes us places that are beautiful and sweet. she and duane and miss 604 and the other bc bloggers have created a community that has taught me a lot of the vancity lifestyle which i was lucky enough to experience first hand.

maybe the hater is jealous by their world. maybe the hater wishes they had the guts to approach keira like a normal person. the sad thing is, there are very few people who i have met who are nicer than keira-anne which is why its so retardulous to come at her at any other way than with kindness.

but such is the blogosphere. sometimes.

instead of linking to the hater, how about revisiting the time the busblog interviewed keira-anne.

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