coolest high school suspension, ever!

“High School Lacrosse team suspended after spelling prom invitation on bare bottoms

Kristoff Wennersten figured his prom proposal had to be one-of-a-kind if it would have any chance of being accepted.

But the Huron High School senior never imagined it would result in a suspension for himself and 12 of his varsity lacrosse teammates, whom he recruited to help spell out the message at a school soccer match via their derrieres.

The players displayed the question, “Will You Go To The Prom With Me? Yes or No?” on their posteriors while mooning Huron senior Carolyn Campbell at a game.

The students were also suspended for one day of school. Huron’s lacrosse matches, scheduled for this past Saturday and Monday, were postponed.

“Inappropriate is inappropriate,” Huron athletic director Dottie Davis said Monday after meeting with lacrosse varsity players and their parents. “It disrespects women, and that’s the clear message we need to have the students understand – what may be fun to them isn’t necessarily fun to everyone else.”

Campbell, who accepted the prom invitation by patting the lower back of the player displaying the word ‘Yes,’ described Wennersten’s method as “cute” and said she wasn’t upset by the manner in which she was asked.

“People get pretty creative with prom. Anyone who’s done anything has been pretty outlandish,” Campbell said. “This is pretty epic, I would say.

Truly epic, rocker.

Plus as Karisa points out, why would they think that suspending these kids is some sort of punishment.

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