how was your earth day?

did you ride your bike on the freeway?

Banned Bicycles shot this amazing video of something that looks ridiculously dangerous: riding your bike on the 10 and 405 freeways. a feat that is just as brilliant as it’s sadly pragmatic. unfortunately it’s also completely illegal.

the reason its dangerous isnt because cars are speeding along the thoroughfare. its dangerous because commuters are so filled with roadrage that theyre likely to smash into a cyclist simply out of jealousy.

It was definitely a product of much heated ethical and legal debate, but we ended up doing it. My friend “Taco Bell Big Box Lunch” and I organized a Santa Monica Freeway ride from Cloverfield to Centinela (on-ramp to off-ramp). 9 other riders showed up and we sped through automotive paralysis like water molecules through kidneys. Post-ride epiphany = no less safe than riding on the PCH (which spandex roadies do daily) or any other surface street congested with gridlock. – Perry of Banned Bicycles

For the record, Perry and his dozen or so amigos didn’t pull this ride off on Earth Day but a day or two beforehand. Much love to LAist for bringing this amazing footage to our attention. It reminds me of the helmet cam video of motorcyclists zipping through rushhour traffic by going inbetween the cars, aka Lane Splitting.

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