if children are to learn anything about the rich

its that they dont know good art

forget studying science and math and electronic engineering. throw away your physics and biology and finance books, kids with dreams of driving fancy cars should learn from history and the present. the rich will buy anything.

never lay down your crayons. learn to mix oils. get fitted for berets.

not only will women disrobe and pose for you, but the rich will fork over $25-$30 million for paintings like the one above. and the best part about all of this: you dont have to die first.

back in the day you had to go crazy, cut off your ear, paint soup cans, croak, etc., but nowadays you just have to bust. so to speak.

besides the buckets of cash and naked babes, probably the best part of being an artist is you can get away with murder. you can dress like shit, you can smell like shit, your apartment can look shitty, you can paint on walls pretty much anywhere, you can act like a mad man, and you can even be broke most of your life and people will just sigh and think youre some sort of romantic.

poor plumbers dont get that sorta love.

who doesnt wanna wear overalls and splatter paint on the floor of an eastcoast farmhouse while sipping jd? who doesnt wanna sit around a parisian flat knocking out sunflowers? and who doesnt wanna sign and number barack + hope posters and just watch the money flow in?

paint, people. fuck accounting. fuck real estate. fuck dentistry. art = life. insanity = profit. big fat naked chicks = gazillions.

it has always been that way, it will always be this way, amen.

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