im at coachella

my bro eric case formerly of blogger/google invited me to stay at this sweet ass house in palm desert which we are doing.

pool hottub fireplace gourmet kitchen stereo system with speakers in the ceiling. as the kids say “its sick”.

your pal suzie and i drove out here thursday which was smart because we beat traffic and we were able to go slowly and enjoy the ride. shes probably the most easy going person ive ever met. ask her where she wants to eat and she really couldnt care less.

around san bernadino we were starving and found this industrial park and could either go to the Panda Inn or TGIFridays. because she has never been in america i was all, have you seen Office Space?

she was all i fucking love Office Space.

so i was all, this is where they invented flair. so we picked TGIF.

turns out they havent had to wear flair in two years. still we drank margaritas and had a good time.

hung out at coachella and it was sweet. mostly cuz it wasnt super hot. it was hot but not super hot. because of that every hot babe in america (and canada) showed up and wore their hottest clothes. lots of hippie dresses or bikinis or booty shorts. but everyone was beautiful.

saw the breeders, verve, raconteurs, tegan and sara.

spent a lot of time in VIP because i was trying to be a team player and help out the real LA Times writers who were running back to our little station so they could write. after they wrote they needed people to watch the computers cuz it was out in the open. but because it was VIP it wasnt like anyone was gonna steal anything, but some people thought the computers were just freebees in which to check email, etc. so we had to shoo people away.

i took a shitton of pics that i will put up onto Soundboard tomorrow morning. basically the mood was great.

the kids here are awesome.

the weathers perfect.

Soundboard busted out like 14-15 posts.

This one was my favorite.

for day 2 i will be posting on LA Now. so check it out over there on Saturday.

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