more ask tony? nice!

zona wants to know: comin’ to Van this summer?

it all depends on my job. i work for the greatest boss ever. i have the most ideal job of all. and one of the best parts about it is that they could just as easily say one day “we need you to go to iraq to help our bloggers there” as they could say “we need you to speak at this panel in vancity, and then kiss some girls”. this summer i really wanted to go to chicago to see the cubs and nyc to see a game at the house that ruth built before it gets demolished, but i always have love for bc so you never know.

Michael (aka Azreal Darkskies) axes: What’s your favourite marijuana delivery device?

from the lips of a canadian woman at a concert after she taps me on the shoulder. but since i havent touched the stuff in quite a while id have to say – vicariously through others.

Suzie asks: What are you going to do when my sweet ass arrives on your door step???? 😛

probably be shocked because i thought the deal was i was supposed to pick you up at the airport!

the lovely panajane cuts right to the chase with: Boxers or briefs? Hoodies or sweaters? The Velvet Underground or Iggy Pop and the Stooges? Dogs or cats? Cowboy or reverse cowboy?

the first of all except the last.

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