the only guarantee in life is death death death

got all these bukowski books off ebay. four “new” ones. as in they werent published when he was alive and could call bullshit on em. fucker wrote his ass off because lots of these poems are good.

before i told you what i learned from reading some of his post humorous work while taking a dump i will tell you one of my favorite ebay search terms. why? because the only guarantee in life is death.

bukowski lot

for some reason people are lazy. and when they are lazy on ebay they feel the urge to sell off a “lot” of shit. so if you put “bukowski lot” or “vonnegut lot” or “twain lot” you might find yourself getting quite a bargain because most people dont really want 4-10 books all at once.

anyways because all the bad bukowski movies have come and gone all the fakers who pretended to like bro have also come and gone, meaning that when “The People Look Like Flowers at Last”, “Come On In”, “Slouching Toward Nirvana”, and “Pleasures Of The Damned” were sold as a lot on ebay with a Buy it Now of $30, of course I would take it cuz who wouldnt buy ANY bukowski book in new condition for $8.50 each including shipping? duh.

reading buks poems reminded me that writers write. and then they die. they live, they drink, they fuck, they write it all down, then they die. everyone dies. no one has figured out how to play Defender off one quarter forever. theres always a Game Over.

therefore you really should do all the drinking fucking living and writing that you can. you really shouldnt let anything distract you from your goals of life. and the best way to reach those goals is to write them down. hide em on a secret blog if you want. print em out and post them next to your outhouse mirror if you want but every day you should look at them.

manager of the cubs

director of fine films

writer of sweet ass blog posts

destroyer of evil thoughts

successful jumper of the snake river

dunkmaster general

chef of boyardi

whatever your goals are writem down. whatever your dreams are. whatever your hopes are. whatever your needs are. whatever your whatevers are. it all starts with a start. it all starts with spark.

maybe the spark for your life is knowing for the first time as in fer real that one day there wont be a spark in your life. that one day you will die just like everyone who ever lived and all that will be left will be whatever you left.

and what i have to give to the living are these blog posts

and photos which were given to me by the rest of you.

all of whom will be dead too one day

just like bukowski

and just like the burrito i just ate and shat out.


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