afternoon roundup of goodness

– first off, above is my choice for the album cover o the year. the band is called Women. they’re from canada. and the edmonton sun says that it “descends into total, wing-pinning noise, then rises up directly into the clouds with almost blinding hope, the stuff of Christian rock camps, but with stolen beer.” h/t Gorilla vs Bear who even has some MP3s for you to download.

– next we have two new blogs at the LA Times that you should familiarize yrselves with. the first is an outdoors blog called Outposts and our Technology section front has magically transformed into a kickass blog.

– ever wanna walk through the insides of a colon? if you live in or around Irvine you might have already felt like you do that all the time, but now you get to really do it.

– how is it that Liz Phair still looks exactly the same after all these years?

– so did any of you see the Obama speech? yeah whatevs, what about Wonkette’s liveblogging of the Hillary speech – now that was good eatin. my hats off to mr ken layne for not just his coverage but the craziness in his comments. damn those readers crazy

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