its 326am

still technically friday nigth if yyoiu ask me

friday gave me some severre ups n downs. tough day at work. nice night when igot home. three phone calls from super hot babes, none of which i returned becuase of the fourth phone call from an almost super hot babe who … just dropped me off.

which was fun. but even better than that was this comment i just got from chile.

hi Tony…

firts at all, sorry about my english…

i always remember this “How to blog” post because helps me in so many ways to create my own blog…

maybe u never know this, but in 2005 i translate ur post complete to spanish to help a little cause in Chile that year……rimer- blog.html

now with this new post, i remember that with a little smile and i come here to say thanks…

keep the hard work Tony, from a blogger 4 lyfe to another

and if you go to his blog you will see how to blog translated into spanish… it starts off like this:

Cómo Blogear por Tony Pierce:

1. Escribe todos los días.

2. Si crees que eres un buen escritor, hazlo dos veces.

3. No tengas miedo de hacer cualquier cosa. Si sientes miedo de algo, hazlo una vez y otra vez y otra vez.

4. Putea como si fueras un marino.

5. No le cuentes a tu madre, a la gente en tu trabajo, tus amigos, tus seres queridos o la gente sobre la que quieres hablar en tu blog. Si ellos averiguan que tienes un blog, pídeles amablemente que no lo lean para mantener tu privacidad.

6. Activa los comentarios siempre, no te sientas mal si nadie te escribe durante mucho tiempo. Tarde o temprano lo harán. Si alguien se pone pesado y comenta de mala manera, pídele amablemente que no lo haga y seguramente lo dejará de hacer.

lemme tell you this one thing before i pass out. i have extremely low self esteem. you might see me carousing in hollywood or westwood or even the val on a really hot night with a pretty hot chick, but inside the demons have infested my head like the gnarliest spyware in an old computer.

but one thing that will stun those viruses, for a short period of time, are emails, webpages, and nice people like bro in chile. so gracias, senior.

el rock on.

how to blog has been embraced by nice people from around the world. i always forget that. i even forgot for a second that i won a bloggie award for it in ’05. it was toned down by this lovely young lady, it was translated into russian by this dude

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