on paper it makes no sense

she has class, she has style, shes educated, she comes from a great family, shes pretty much straightedge, she helps the poor, shes smart enough to buy her stock options, shes beautiful, shes sexy, shes well behaved, she appreciates good grammar

and yet somehow she invites


to visit her at her parents home.

christine rene has clearly fallen from the heavens for the sole purpose of healing the sick and tending to the needy. her heart is as big as [joke redacted] and her soul is the standard by which purity is judged.

ive known her since the last century and i dont know one person who has ever had a bad thing to say about her. it’s eerie.

i want to be with her forever on principle alone.

i dug through her dirty drawers this weekend and she said what are you doing and i said looking for skidmarks because im sure they could cure cancer. sadly all there was was glitter. and rainbows.

today is chris’s 24th birthday. she showed me hundreds of photos last night from her two and a half years in uganda. she knew everyones name and everyones stories. she showed me how people sing and dance at funerals, at graduations, when the queen comes, when the president comes, and when hospital wings open.

she showed me this one video where people sang but not really. there was no joy in their tune. i said, why arent they singing like they just did at that one dudes funeral?

she said that was my last day. they were singing to me.

they were crushed.

even in africa the people know how special this woman is. and today we celebrate her birth.

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