while you were at work yesterday,

this is what some la times blogs were up to

LA Now, which is about what’s happening in LA (primarily) and then the state, had 41 different posts about the first day of same-sex marriages. Most of these weren’t just little posts originally written by other news sources, they were real news items written by a variety of our hard-working reporters from the Metro Desk.

I can confidently say that no other news source covered the opening day of gay marriage in California better than the LA Times’ LA Now. Be it from the marine who got married “i’m a marine, i like to do things first” to George Takai finally making an honest man of his beau Brad. LA Now had posts from Oakland to across the bay in San Francisco, to Bakersfield to San Diego and dozens of locations in between. We even documented right-wing radio shock jocker Dennis Prager equating same sex marriage to polygamy… somehow. Congrats to all.

Countdown to Crawford, our newest political blog about the last days of the Bush Administration, debuted with a bang. Despite being overshadowed by both the gay marriage story, and the Lakers in game six of the finals, “the bush blog” was in our Top 5 of blogs and had dozens of heated comments.

Speaking of the Laker blog – the Kamenetzky brothers’ live blogging of the game attracted over 900 comments. they did a killer job this year not just writing about the Lakers, but also creating video, hosting chats, and moderating their comments. all while also maintaining our Dodger blog.

The Technology blog – which launched last month was on Digg yesterday, and might become our most popular overlooked blog. Currently its our #3 most popular blog and yet because it’s not about politics, the real estate spiral, the wackiness of LA, or the Lakers, i feel like it sorta misses out on a lot of the love that it deserves. they have quietly put together a great team of business writers over there who are doing the group blog thing beautifully. this post about Facebook’s “foe finder”, was a tad more light-hearted than their normal items, which made it one of my faves yesterday.

This afternoon we’re launching a new blog, which also has a very good shot of being a top ten blog if all goes well. more on that later.

photo credit: krista the hotti

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