yes shes hot, wired, and a rollergirl

but the reason why theres no future between me and mickipedia is written all over her twitter feed

she just twittered:

I’m sorry Rock Music. I think you’re ok when you’re around but then Techno comes over and defeats you with his utter superiority. Always.

about 2 hours ago from web

my response to this is simple – there will never be a day when there is techno in Guitar Hero. thus there is no debate regarding utter superiority. also, there will never be a techno equivalent to angus young.

thank you.

speaking of Twitter, Jack Dorsey founder of Twitter, recently gave an excellent speech on how he came about The Next Big Thing, why people uses it, and gave some cool examples of why people use Twitter. around 9:45 into the video you might see him mention how the LA Times uses it.

photo by Mickipedia via flickr, video by Biz

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