baby have i been busy.

but that doesnt mean i dont love you. it only means i love you more.

tsar came down from the mountaintop after a far-too-long haitus.

they came down with an agenda, a game plan, a target, and a mission.

their goal was to break yr heart.

“you” being all other hollywood bands who were under the belief that the throne of kings of hollywood rock was vacant.

the dual guitar was back, the american flag cape was back, the full house was back, the girls in their summer clothes were back,

in fact chuck tsar beat his bass drum so hard that the fuzzy hammer thing on the top of the bass pedal shot right through the skin and did a stage dive into the front row of the viper room and said deal with it effers,

rock is back.

opening for veruca salt, tsar introduced a new bass player but the same old attitude which is, here are 10-12 songs better than anything on the radio, here are guitar solos that youve been waiting to hear since the 80s hair glam movement, heres a funny tshirt and a recklessness from the isla vista / replacements days, and deep down heres a majesty that pretty much no one has any more, the missing link that even axl knows is the secret ingredient of the chinese democracy.

why was jeff whalen smiling? cuz bros got it, cuz hes got the band, the girls, and something better than money.

ripping through old tunes and older tunes, tsar introduced nothing new, which was fine. it was a walk around the park, a stroll through familiar territory, a jog through a clean well lighted place, a remembrance of their debut album eight years ago, and a quick glance at the followup rocker.

after completely destroying through an epic version of “wanna get dead” whalen through huge applause whispered “so are you watching the olympics?”

nbc wish they had what the lucky few saw on friday night on the sunset strip.

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