if you live in LA you might see a familiar face on the cover of Metromix

yes thats our very own Ali Miller, formerly of LAist, now writing music and tech for Metromix, and clearly now doing a little extra credit modeling for the free weekly newspaper.

one of the little surprises working here was getting to meet the metromixers, who are all super cool, very smart, extremely hard-working, and who are providing a younger injection of coverage that most daily newspapers cant/wont/dont supply.

ali, a native valley girl who also writes a video game blog called Guitar Heroine was a perfect fit with metromix(as was sarah a.) as soon as she was hired over there. shes always down for whatever and im glad that they’re not just putting her copy on the cover but also her hotness. truth be told pretty much everyone in that office could make the cover, but thats beside the point.

you may have seen ali on the busblog when she met sarah silverman, when she rocked out with me at the camper van/soul aslyum/sunset strip fest, or when i hosted one of many laist bbqs

kudos, ali.

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