its friday which means its go watch tsar at the viper room

(if you can get in)

it is also Ask Tony

as always feel free to ask your questions in the comments below.

topics on the table may include:

do i know how many houses i own?

am i really 16, therefore old enough to compete in the gymnastics?

do i agree with sass’s foolish decision to get a blackberry instead of an iphone?

am i shocked – shocked – that our LA Times critics havent said one word about our amazing olympics coverage, 25+ killer photo galleries, 40+ beautiful and informative graphics, and our gold medal worthy blog that has over 1,000 posts and is totally on pace to get 2 million page views this month? or do i think that some folks just love to hate on hard-working people?

am i starting to believe the hype that the cubs are the most well rounded team in baseball?

do i understand how the usa hoops team with all those all stars dont win 400-18 every game?

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