suddenly i have a newfound interest in drawing

when i was in high school, every semester i took an art class. drawing, ceramics, art history, but for some reason never painting. drawing yes. hell yes. sadly as time went on i stopped. maybe its cuz i didnt have a sweet bar like “The Bronx Zoo” to practice my unreal skillz.

check out this sweet lede by Jessica Galt:

THE MAN had been flirting with the woman by the bar for a few minutes before blurting out, “Is that a gorilla mask between your legs?” She stared at him, silent for a moment, then grinned broadly and said: “You know, it really is.”

Myung Chung of our badass video team produced the video above and Jessica’s piece is here in the underrated Guide in a perfect example of teamwork in a lighthearted way to approach part of the artistic charm of LA.

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