my truest called me last night right before i was about to head off

on my midnight run. ive run in the day but i prefer doing it at night. i like to wear a knit cap and a hoodie and look like i just robbed a bank.

i put my headphones on and listen to howard stern and i dont even really listen i just need something in my ears to stop the brain from yammering on and on. i dont look at things, just the road. i dont really care where i am. i just wanna feel the ground on my feet. my shoes are that good.

what i need is a running intern. someone to hold my water bottle for me and look both ways as i run against red lights.

im so high maintence for a guy running two miles through hollywood.

this just in. i think im going to the Laker game tonight.

i am the luckiest man alive.

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