the problem with digital photography is it hasnt been able to capture a womans heart

and the problem with modern digital photography is it has a very difficult time documenting the shockingly unique beauty of canadian girls, and christie st martin just may be the fairest of them all.

born to wolves in the 17th century, christie was bitten by a vampire bat during the darkest day of the winter. she wasnt aware that she was a vampire till she realized she must. have. blood. several boyfriends into her feast she looked at the mirror and it looked back and laughed. then she laughed. then the lifeless heads at her feet laughed. then the house itself laughed.

and christie st. martin was borned!

today is her birthday. if i was in toronto i would kiss her cheek, check out her bffs and karoake with her like we did in olden times. back before she bit me in the heart and made me her #1 fan.

christie has that sort of effect on people, men and women alike, even without using her dark mojo. just the opposite, she uses happiness and humor and fancy costumes and thigh highs and kittens and guitar hero. and then youre hooked. you adore her as if she was a baby messiah with red hair. you are amazed at her like the lord was when he worked out the kinks of gravity and watched all the planets float in space.

she is the reason canadas snows melt in the spring. she is the reason that stamps only cost 44 cents. she is the reason why i will probably always love jenga.

very few people are like christie. and thats probably because theres only so much awesome to go around.

happy 223rd birthday ms st martin!

lovely photo by duane

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