mark milian interviews hef and his new girlfriends

longtime readers of the busblog might recall the fact that two summers ago i was given an intern who ended up being so great that we hired him. only problem was he was still enrolled in college.

so for a year we sent him story assignments which he did from his college apartment (i would always imagine it was a dorm, but how many Seniors do you know who were still in the dorms).

a few months ago he finally got his diploma and now he is here in LA where he belongs. in between sending him to Nine Inch Nails concerts, conventions, and the like, i was given the chance to go back to the Playboy mansion. because ive been there several times, i figured id give the interview to the kid. who did a great job asking some tough questions.

this interview made its way onto the Show Tracker blog today because the reason for the interview was to get some insight into the unique relationship as it appears in the latest season of The Girls Next Door. but stay tuned as others from this interview will surface on other LAT blogs throughout the week depending on the subject matter.

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