my truest asked if i ever get depressed

youd think a girl whos known me longer than almost everyone would know the answer to that.

hell to the yes.

in fact this blog was created because of the overwhelming gloom of working for a company that didnt appreciate me, after working for one that did. strangely the one that did fired me twice, whereas the one that didnt only canned me once.

im a little depressed today which is why im eating pudding swirled with tapioca. i guess if i was entirely depressed id have put whipped cream on top of it.

i think its good to write when youre low. i think its a lot like turning cow poop into methane energy to fuel a farm: you should create something with the negative energy.

so heres what i will create today, my first admission to being depressed in a very long time.

some ridiculous and hilarious youtube vids to follow…

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