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cover me Matt Welch: Playoff picks? Word about the Angels?

i predict no one will watch the playoffs out of universal sadness over the collapse of the only team in baseball that people really care about. with that said, the dodgers dont even want to be in the playoffs, the cards are from st louis where even Nelly has jumped the shark, the phils are fat, which leaves the rocks.

if the angels can get past the red sox then it will be a rockies / angels yawnfest until the rallymonkey gets loose and starts stealing peoples beers.

angels will win it all in a sweep capped by an inside the parker by your boy Chone.

alecia: what do you think the future of social networking sites is going to be? i often think about this concerning facebook. am i going to have my facebook account for the rest of my life? will they have to start charging considering people are going to have thousands and thousands of pictures on there? (i already have 81 photo albums…) what happens when someone dies are they going to have shit tons of dead people on there eventually? how many friends am i going to have when i’m 50, like 3,000? many questions.

i forsee the future of social media reversing. people who are so fed up with always being accessible go back to the one land line phone, and snail mail mailing address.

its nice to hear every last sigh from every last person, but in the future people will go back to not giving flying f and doing their best to hide out.

hopefully by the time youre 50 you will only have the friends who youd actually wanna party with. to me, that would be progress.

Cindy: What are you going to be for Halloween?

i hate dressing up for halloween, but danielle has gotten a group of good people together to go to a masquerade party. i plan on going as oderus urungus from gwar (and fox news)

g/d: by not seizing one opportunity, will a another opportunity present itself? where can get some chocolate filled karma?

even though it will sound like some tired metaphysical pablum, the truth of the matter is every moment presents new opportunities just waiting to be exploited. case in point: ever notice that in close football games, the last few minutes one team suddenly can march down the field with precision and style; conserving time like a master, despite the fact that for the first three quarters they could barely get into field goal range if it werent for some lucky turnover?

thats because most of our lives we’re just treading water waiting for that Two Minute Drill of Life to put us into panic mode which will give us permission to actually Live a little.

we’re boring people doing boring things for most of our days. we’re capable of so much more, including creating opportunities when there appear to be none. so sure, pass up this opportunity or that one, but dont do it because youre afraid more might not come, {they’ll come} pass up opportunities because theyre lame. but make sure to pounce on the good uns.

the best chocolate filled treats can be found at Michelle’s.

Sarah: When should dudes stop playing video games?

a dude knows that he has given up on an important part of his past when he has stopped playing video games. there was a time when video games, like heavy metal, ruled the world. there used to be a time when time was measured with quarter dollars. there was an era when the video game determined what youd be doing all weekend. sadly, for the rare exceptions, those days are gone, and yet the video game industry is billion dollar cash cow.

dudes should stop playing video games when they either have multiple wives or multiple offspring. even though im not thrilled with my ps3, i do appreciate the convenience and selection of GameFly the same way most of my contemporaries fawn over NetFlix. but i havent given up on my PSP.

Jessie B. R.: Tony. Do you believe in love? xo

i believe that love changes everything. therefore it is the most powerful substance on Earth. love can cure all that hurts you, but it can also make you fly off the handle like a maniac. it can teach you valuable lessons, it can inspire you to create magic, and it can also lead to misery and suffering like no other. so not only do i believe in it but i respect it enough that i only fall in love with about 80% of the people i make out with.

lindsay: what’s your take on roman polanski?

the reason i despise much of the politics surrounding the catholic church is because i dont think theres anything worse that you could do to a human being than to molest a child. our youth is so precious and sex is so trippy that for an adult to intentionally destroy those two delicate parts of human development is damn near unforgivable. therefore i have very little tolerance for a man who did what he did to a 13 year old girl.

for being so twisted youd think hed make better films.

Scott T. Sterling: Why can’t the world just get over the whole Kanye West thing? Even Chris Brown is on the radio again, and no one is saying a word. The hate towards Ye seems to not even be related to Taylor Swift anymore, and is moving into this nebulous, creepy realm similar to much of the current criticism of President Obama (i.e. quietly rooted in racism, although no one will ever admit it). Will there every be such a thing as a ‘post-racial’ America? And can Kanye West come home again?

some people need enemies, frienemies, targets. kayne the victim is a role that he can play in his sleep and create incredible scenarios around when hes awake. ultimately all of this will make him Stronger. chris brown, meanwhile is just a pretty boy who can dance like usher. i dont think its racism. i think kanye is very smart and knows that his current material does not hold up well on a live stage. thus, create some performance art. when you can bring it the way kanye can when hes inspired, the results can be breathtaking. expect his best album in the wake of all this. and a new way to wear socks.

Mack: List your Top 10 american bloggers. Female and male, please. In order of importance.

its very late. this is ridiculous. personal bloggers only. in order of how they come into my head.

female, us
Jessie B. R.
nerd money

there arent 10 dudes in the states that i read regularily

zona: if you laid all the naked pictures that chicks sent you end to end, would they stretch from L.A to Chicago?

probably, but i bet theyd get stolen before we finished the project.

Andrea: Are you looking forward to any movies coming up?

even though it didnt do so great in this weekends box office, i really wanna see the new Drew Barrymore movie costarring juliette lewis. i also wanna see the new Coen Bros film, and the one from the british guy who invented the office. and i cant wait to see Where the Wild Things Are, like everyone else.

adrienne: what’s going on with everyone’s favourite girl raymi? something’s not right in her world …

im sure if you asked her that very same question that very same way she would give you a clear, sober explanation without the slightest bit flavor. if indeed she is acting out of the ordinary id blame it on the change of seasons. no one likes summer to end.

barry: are Da Bears for reals?

Da Bears are winning, which is good, but they gave up like 87 points to the Detroit Lions. take away two special teams runbacks and two crazy runs from scrimmage and you have a close game. i dont like close games when we’re playing the lions. i also dont like the blue eyed black speedster getting hurt during the same time devin hester got hurt – against the Lions. thank God for bye week.

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