theyre showing the entire rebroadcast of U2’s show at the Rose Bowl?

on You Tube? thus on the busblawg?

often people ask me why do you have full RSS feeds for your blog? why are there no ads? why do you basically give it all away?

and its hard to explain everything, especially to people who are in the business to make money but sometimes its great to give things away.

sometimes not everything is all about selling something immediately for a profit.

sometimes you make tapes and hand them out and encourage people to dupe the tapes for their friends – like metallica did when they started

sometimes you give free shows whereever you can

sometimes you give as much out for nothing and then once a year you hit people up for cash – like public television.

and sometimes you do exactly the right thing, like U2 just did with youtube and you bust properly for good, for the kids, and for free.

bravo bono

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