a very sweet girl said recently

that she often goes into my archives to see what i did that day years ago

today i woke up late, got to work, tried to make twice the effort to get three times the amount of work done. ate salmon from the farmers market. said adios to a nice guy who is moving back east to pursue a dream.

i chatted with karisa about how i slept last night which was: i was so tired that i didnt have the energy to turn off my lamp or move my laptop off the bed, so i slept sideways instead of lenghtways so my legs were hanging off the bed. i then put the blankets over my eyes. then i woke up at 4am, peed, said my prayers, went back to sleep after turning off the light.

while at work we debated jon and kate, the new canon 7d camera ($1,500), whether or not lamar odom was really married, if you take your longterm gf to france on vacation does that mean youre gonna pop the question, and whether or not i should start wearing slacks to work instead of jeans.

today i also drank a sunkist orange soda cuz i was so sleepy, and now im drinking a coke classic. but still sleepy as hell.

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