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Q. Do you really still play video games?

A. ive been around forever. i have had almost every major video game system including the Philips CD-i. i love playing games, but i have to admit that because of my advanced age some of the newfangled dealies make me nauseous.

with that said the two games ive been playing a lot lately are Madden Football 2010 and this weird iphone app called Bookworm.

the truest showed me Bookworm on our flight back from Chicago and i’ve been addicted ever since. its a simple game, a lot like word search with a lil twist.

as someone who loves words, i embraced it immediately and seriously i wake up early to play it and go to sleep late spelling words. the score on the right is something i was able to accomplish after playing for nearly two days straight without dying.

i even played it drunk last night walking home from the subway.

im not sure i have another two days in me spelling those words but id really like to break three million to feel like i got my $2.99 worth.

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  1. i had the philips cd thing!  it just played sega genesis and sega cd games, right?  we loved that, but people made fun b/c no one had heard of it.  also had odyssey II, which was fun.  like atari from what i’ve heard.

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