dear america

and parts of canada. im very confused

the other day i gave you what i thought you wanted.

you asked for a rundown on the sunset strip music fest, and i delivered.

not only that but i lead with the lovely and talented karisa, her new bff mary, and all the howard stern fans should have loved seeing Melrose Larry Green.

but there were no comments of praise and thanks.

are you saying you no longer want these things?

i gave you a photo of the powerful and influential dr lou adler, the man who brought cheech and chong to the national spotlight, the gentleman who sits next to jack at laker games.

and yet nothing.

we wont even discuss the fact that i showed you a food truck that serves up salad, or a video of smashing pumpkins rocking out on sunset strip

because i also delivered upon you Jesus himself.

and still no one clicked the comments and said omg tony you rule the entire universe.

there was a time when this blog would average 30-40 comments per post.

there was a time when id walk down the street and the ladies would raise their hands and the boys would say yo there he be.

there was a time when the busblog was the homepage for men and women around the world and there was nothing better than not just the posts, but the conversations held therein.

and trust me, i was not delivering photos of the Messiah. so whaddup?

clearly its the system itself. the Echo comments are inferior to when they were owned by Haloscan, so true.

consider your lack of communication as being heard loud and clear.

things will change here.

in the meantime, here’s Jesus dancing with a dancing girl on the Sunset Strip.

please enjoy

8 thoughts on “dear america

  1. i remember those days, tone. the blog world has changed a lot since those days.  I DID share your Sunset post on my Google Reader. I thought it was awes.  I think maybe more people do that nowadays maybe…instead of the comment thing. 
    Keep bringing the awesome.  We’re watching. Maybe quieter than before, but still watching.

  2. dude: as the one who asked for the sunset roundup in comments, thanks. you rock, you rule, you deliver, etc.
    that said … friends tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, so here goes: it wasn’t your best effort. it was damn good — like a two-double game by manny ramirez. two doubles, an RBI and a run scored.  but no killer three-run homer, like manny used to do when he owned the yankees. 
    like you say, you were hammered.

  3. I was really glad to learn who the guy who sits next to Jack was, since I’m not an Angeleno and not up on my producers.  Also, I’m sure you and she are tired of it by now, but any post with pics of Karissa is a good post.

  4. And, I spelled her name wrong.  Oy vey.  And while I’m here, it’s true that there aren’t as many comments as back in the heady days of 2K1 when I first started hangin’ with the busblog.  But over the years you’ve told us things would be different, that you wouldn’t do things the same as before because you wanted us to read your writing at your day jobs.  I still frequent the bb daily, but the audience has changed.  I’m in my mid 30’s now with 2 year-old twins, so commenting is something I do a lot less of these days, and I’ll bet a lot of other readers are in a similar boat.  So keep on rockin’.

  5. I kind of think it might be because the commenting form is really messed up a lot of the time, it hides behind videos and images etc. and gets so frustrating.  Many times I’ve gone to comment and have just given up!  In fact I just struggled to post this one!

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