eight minutes with tony

while i was on this panel discussion people were talking about how can you fit in blogging into your life.

while i was arguing with my nutritionist she asked how can you fit going to the gym into your life.

while i was flirting with this $cientologist who was on a smoke break she said how can you really fit Jesus into your life.

while i was talking about the new Smoosh cd, the new Arcade Fire cd, and the old Menthol single my mom asked how do you fit so much new music in your life.

while i was in the midst of a Yahoo! Fantasy draft my opponents said hurry it up im trying to fit dinner into my day.

life is about priorities and multitasking. and the easiest of all of those choices is blogging.

a person can sit in his cubicle and in the time it takes before a 4:15pm meeting he can get a few ideas out onto the web, add a picture of his coworker Doing Work, and say a few things of value.

so heres some value: life is a struggle between doing the things you wanna do with the things you think you hafta do.

there is always eight minutes to blog.

standing on a ledge saying something daring only takes a moment.

and before we know it life is over.

so jump into it before its gone.

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