if theres one thing i love

its tourists

maybe it reminds me of being on vacation. which is a great feeling.

theres a restaurant on pch called Gladstones. they feed you so much food that you need a doggy bag. but instead of a regular doggy bag theres a guy who uses gold foil to wrap up your leftovers. he makes fun shapes like crabs or fish or… sharks.

perhaps your saw the LA Times feature on the “rehab” Gladstone’s has received lately.

while waiting for the green arrow to let us turn east down Sunset, i kept snapping pics of a nice man waiting for his family to return to him as he held his leftovers.

i wondered – is that cake in there? some of the seafood platter? mounds of bread?

i knew one thing it wasnt. it wasnt salad. ever see anyone put salad in a doggy bag?

farewell white pants. farewell gladstones. farewell summer.

adios touristos.

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