karisa was all “lets do something fun”

was like “definitely not”!

we were on a stakeout. then we were supposed to go to bible study. then it got canceled.

biggest problem with karisa, shes a body in motion. meaning she doesnt like to just sit and visit.

so i was all woman why dont you make yrself usefull then

she was all im gonna wash the f outta these dishes

then she posed pretty for a picture

then she couldnt stop posing, but i was all, not by there, thats my spiritual section

you got the bottle cap cross, bono, chopper one on my 21st bday, andre the giant and that yogi doing the headstand pose on a new york man hole cover

then i was all lemme show you my magical bush.

but that didnt interest her as much as the sleepy buddah

or the bababooey wall of fame

but you know the thing that karisa likes the most: brainstorming! but she didnt wanna do it at my house. she wanted to do it while sipping margaritas and eating mexican food from the roof of a hotel in the sun

strangely all the king’s technology and our LA expertise let us down. we simply could not find a good place for such things. we tried west but the marine layer chilled off the wessside. so we went east young man.

and thats when we met the astronaut

and he said im not just any space man, im dennis woodruff. and karisa said omg the famous weird hollywood director who drives around with his name on his car? and he said come here

and he smelled a little funky but he had a cute dog. always have a cute dog. so we said yo dennis woodruff, where can we drink margueritas in the sun, and he said right behind you is a lil place called Fridas.

and thats where we thought up Hipster Bible Study

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  1. It is physically impossibly for that young lady to take a bad picture. Some credit must go to the photographer, of course. I’ll give Tony 30% but the rest is all Karisa.

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