the sassy redhead is alie

yesterday was her last day at work

why is it her last day? cuz she got a book deal and a tv deal.

wait what? yes, she and her pallie georgia have been making cool cocktails and videos and everyone noticed

so last night they went to a fun silverlake club called cha cha cha and made their latest drink for all of their sad friends who will miss her bubbly spirit, quick wit, and intense work ethic.

the drink was called Peanut Butter and Jealous:


the girl can do it all. i will miss her very much.

so much that i went into my library and got charles bukowski’s “women”

i figured she had read it, but who knows these things

then i went back in time and had him autograph it for her.

threw on my wonkette tshirt and went to the bar. lots of people were there

the drink was good. and it never hurts to lick peanut butter from your glass as you get buzzed.

i will miss you alie!

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