cubs lost yesterday, now theyre only 20 games above 500

alienswhat ever will they do?

theyve got this young catcher, 24 years old,

willson contreras

he’s in AAA, iowa. a step away from the big leagues.

he’s ripping the cover off the ball in iowa

bashed two home runs on sunday. we need bats.

but the cubs already have three catchers in the big leagues

david ross who is gonna retire and the end of this year

miguel montero who is a left hand hitting stud

and some bozo they never use.

rational thought would say bring up the young buck and send down the bozo.

but Theo and Joe seem to know what theyre doing, and like i said theyre 20 games above 500

the other problem is Jorge Soler, another 24 year old

Jorge is batting .204 with 5 home runs.

if it was me, i’d send him down and bring that catcher up.

but im just a dude in his pajamas and a bathrobe who couldnt give a damn about advanced sabermetrics

i just think when a guy, especially a young guy, can barely hit above 200

you send his ass down.

but ive never understood anything about anything anywhere

i just spent $60 on Washio to wash one bag of clothes.

all because they gave me a $20 credit

because it was memorial day

and they knew i probably wasnt thinking right.

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