sometimes i dont know any more

tony awardsyou do your thing, you walk around. you drive around. you talk to people. the people seem reasonable.

but then you go on the internet and something changes. everyone loses their minds.

were their minds always lost? is my mind lost?

when something happens 1,000 times and every time is sad and every time is horrible, shouldnt it be changed?

since the massacre at Sandy Hook where 20 little innocent kids were gunned down there have been 998 mass shootings in the USA. the land of the free. my home sweet home.

of those 998 only three of the mass shootings were at the hands of Muslims.

and yet the LA Times, my hometown paper, allows Jonah Goldberg to write a column about how its all the Muslims’ fault. and how Obama is weird by not calling it Islama Fascism or whatever Jonah Goldberg wants him to call it. and the Times pays him money for this.

meanwhile of the 998 mass killings, all have been done by men.

most of them white men.

when will Jonah Goldberg whine that Obama doesnt tell the world that what we have here is a White Man With A Gun Problem?

who will the LA Times pay to write that? you know, something that’s based in actual math and science instead of malarkey gleaned from the Fox News talking points.

no one will write it there because, it’s not really a White Man With A Gun problem, it’s just a plain old gun problem.

there are some guns we shouldnt have. and there are ways that we should be selling and registering and keeping an eye on these guns that is the problem.


and thats why i feel like sometimes i just dont know. because some very smart people really truly believe in their hearts

that if we treated guns like how we treat cars, which is to say, in order to get and keep a gun

you would have to prove you are capable of using one, you have to register it, you have to maintain it, you have to do all the paperwork, etc.

these smart people really think that it would lead to us taking away


of the guns.

they forget or ignore the fact that we haven’t taken away


of the anything in the usa.

hand grenades are illegal but there are still a few floating around.cartoon

a man can’t have a bazooka, but every now and then you find someone with one.

all we are asking for is a reasonable adjustment to these unreasonable actions occurring to innocent people.

like i said yesterday, i believe this change will come.

i believe the tides will change. i believe we will start voting out representatives who care more about money flowing in from the NRA than they do about blood flowing out of innocent victims.

we will return to being the home of the brave

and we will let go of some of the machine guns that have ruined the lives of far too many innocent families.

we are not a stupid scared fucked up terrible ignorant doomed nation of jonah goldbergs

who like to blame boogeymen and not ourselves.

this is not a muslim problem or even a white man with a gun problem.

this is an american problem

that will be fixed by americans.

which is why i cant wait to vote.

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