tony what would you do if you could do anything?

nikki minajyou mean like if i won the lottery? because if i won the lottery id buy mom mom a house with a giant garden

in the garden would be incredible bubbling ponds and tiny volcanoes.

the volcanoes would errupt right before winter so the soil would be the richest it could be right before the snow

all around the garden would be peach trees and pecan trees and banana trees.

no tony what would you do if you could do anything, not buy anything.

i would be a fantastic photographer. but not one with a lot of equipment.

i would want to be known as the guy who has like three lenses and one camera, who never uses flash

but best of all, who never uses photoshop.

maybe my assistants behind my back touch things up but im off to the next thing.

i would go to school for it if i ever had any free time.

dont you know great photographers?

yes but i would never ask them.

but arent some of your friends great photographers?

yes but i would want to be – didnt you hear me – i would want to be the greatest photographer ever. which would mean that i would be better than they are. i dont wanna learn from them and then beat them. thats rude.

is that what happened with writing? did you learn from your friends and then beat them?

no. some of my friends are better writers than me.

but theyre not better bloggers.

ahahaha true. but only because they all grew up and got married and had kids and junk.

its basically impossible to be a good parent and an everyday blogger. you gotta pick one.

and for some reason the future of america is more important than the http

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