my mom, the most dedicated reader of this blog, says im angry

tonybecause i love her with all my heart i would never disagree with her.

but i dont feel angry.

am i angry?

my cubs are like 15 games ahead of the Cardinals

the stats of the social media feeds at my job continue to rise like warm loaves of delicious bread

my phone’s blowing up from long legged ladies with the most fascinating messages

and as you know, i am still fully enjoying the side hustle of driving LA’s most responsible commuters from one side of town to the other.

have i told you about the senior citizen from Chile who was raised Jewish but whose parents made him learn the New Testament backwards and forwards in case the exiled Nazis returned to power and tried to kill all the Jewish kids, so he was to tell everyone that he was a Christian? And as he grew up he became an expert in the New Testament? And as we drove around LA he asked me if i knew where there were any hookers, especially african american street walkers, because he wanted to save them?

what about the guy last night who hailed me on Lyft who has been driving as long as I have who reminisced how addictive it was in the “early days” of two and a half years ago when every ride would net us about $11 and every night we’d get at least one $40 one and every week we’d get a $100 fare so we’d drive and drive and drive fueled on adrenaline and the promise of bars of gold and buckets of diamonds with strings of pearls draped over them.

the other day i had a dude heading to a famous steak house. we talked about pretty much every steak you could get in LA. Of course i turned him on to the Baseball Steaks at the Bounty. he was telling me Craigs has amazing food. i was all, isnt that where all the paparazzi are? he said yeah but it’s not super expensive. i was all perfecto!

so i will have to take my mom there the next time she’s in town.

One thought on “my mom, the most dedicated reader of this blog, says im angry

  1. I would have to say yes, you are angry. You’ve called the head of the DEA a nasty your blog. You’ve also written you hope “they” burn the city down if a cop kills you. A city that you’ve professed love for. You are far more likely to be killed by an Uber fare or a Lyfte fare than being killed by a cop. But to be fair, being murdered by an Uber or a Lyfte fare doesn’t make you angry at all. In fact. it is point of pride for you to go into violence prone areas in search of an Uber bonus.

    Please don’t get the impression that I do not appreciate your blogging because I do appreciate it. It’s like reading your personal diary. Not many people are doing this. Keep up the good work.

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