there will be days when the road you take is blocked off

dont fight it.

theres nothing to fight.

there will be a time to fight things.

but most of the time the lesson is, how can i work this?

how can i improvise while going with the flow?

how can i adjust?

today there was a bomb scare or a real bomb at that big white building right there at the corner of Wilshire and San Vincente across from where i did lifespring way back in the day.

back when i was a lad i got my French visa from the embassy near there. i met a girl a few blocks from there who rode me around her moped and kissed me overlooking the valley.

one thing led to another and she told me to hit her. i said what? she said dont stop feeling me up, but with your other hand slap me. it turns me on. so i slapped her. she said harder. i said come on. she said no you come on. hit me bitch.

she had the sweetest voice and behind all the make up and punk rock clothes and attitude and book smarts she was one of the softest creatures ive ever been close to. it was impossible for me to hit her. so i just knocked over her scooter right there on mulholland.

well that was dumb, she complained.

so was taking wilshire this morning, i want to tell her.

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