everything is a dare

theres a pound of ham in the fridge.

not exactly sure when i put it in there.

it would be a shame for that pig to have died in vain

however, if i was a pig i would prefer that you did not eat me, thank you.

went to my actual doctor today.

like me, former xbi.

nbd. omg.

i told him i was down to a half a coke a day.

still addicted, eh? he scoffed.

which i took as a dare.

which i am taking as a dare.

theres only a few things that will kill me, he said: coke, drunk drivers, boredom.

why cant you drink tea?

in heaven im gonna drink coke every day. maybe even non stop.

fuckit, in heaven i wanna pee coke.

but most of the time we talked about barry bonds

and how incredible his last season was.

he was 42.

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