theyre gonna try to put you in a box

ty cobb, the second greatest hitter of all time, used what is called the split hands grip

because his hands didnt touch each other

none of the 2,000 current pro baseball players can swing that way today.

babe ruth, the greatest hitter of all time,

used a bat thats so heavy that no major league player today

steroids and all

can believe that a human could swing it.

if they had their way ty and babe would be normal

instead of great.

when i was a little little kid i would do science experiments with my bicycle.

i would start on top of a slope and coast down the perfectly asphalted suburban street

and not pedal

and see how far i went.

then id do it again and see if i could beat it.

what was i testing?

my magical powers, of course.

the only person who can put you in a box is Jesus and trust me, you’ll end up there.

until then, swing your way

and prepare for miracles.

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