saw mel brooks on camden in beverly hills yesterday in the heat

outside some store

all these autograph hounds all around him with posters of his movies

and glossy pictures.

where do these people come from?

how do they know he’s gonna be there?

where do they buy all those Sharpies?

and Mel just turned 91 last week. still out there giving the people what they want. if i only had a Young Frankenstein stein I would have been out there too begging him to sign it for me.

but alas, i was driving around rodeo trying to get a nibble.

even a short ride would be good on a hot day.


floated over to westwood. got a ping at one of those wilshire skyscraper condos.

in walks an old man and his youngish wife.

we are going to the Grill on the Alley

first he tells me to turn down the jazz and then questions why im avoiding wilshire.

just take it all the way!

anything you say.

around the hilton theres a traffic jam. he still directs me.

i try to change the subject.

so what’s good over at the Grill?

he tells me everythings good and the service is excellent.

he mentions liver.

i go, omg i love liver. do they serve it with onions or bacon?

he says, they serve it with onions And bacon.

i say i dont want to drop you off. you both must stay and drive with me. you for the directions and your wife for her beautiful perfume.

she smiles.

he says, i cannot afford that perfume.

when they get out he slides me a five dollar bill.

liver friends.

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