i did a lot and i did nothing, then i got rest, now im tired

amber wanted to go to a porn star party and i said have fun!

she said you dont wanna meet the girls? i said ive met everyone.

she said you wont get jealous if i have tons of fun?

i said life is short, always have tons of fun

and i watched the following films:

the bellboy, king of comedy, nocturnal animals

and the day before we watched a clockwork orange.

saturday i drove and drove and drove. it was a flashback to yesteryear.

i wish uber would realize that there are beautiful feelings that drivers get when you give us a goal and a proper prize

and then we reach said goal.

it makes us feel amazing and wonderful and all along the way we are counting down and

when we hit it we wanna dance around.

surely theres a way that we can capture this feeling and share it with other drivers

and inspire them too.

but  im not sure uber is ready for that jelly.

tonight im eating steak with my man chris.

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